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Open data for city governments. In a responsive web app with user-friendly design. Next: alert features for local issues. Now up with partners in NYC, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

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Questions-and-answers with every U.S. elected official and any verified Twitter account. AskThem is different: we're open-source & open-data. Question and petition people in power.

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AskThem supports continual questions to public figures & during events. Issue-based groups, use AskThem to contact elected officials at every level of government. Media companies, partner with us to promote popular questions in your area. Elected officials, sign up as leaders in #opengov.

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We're open-source to the core, contributors to the commons, evangelists for open standards, co-framers of OpenGovData Principles, and activists for liberation of public data. See our wish list, check out our code, and more.

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We're a tiny team with big goals for participatory democracy. Our limiting factor isn't ideas, or a lack of information to make accessible, but rather funding for open-source development. Your support can build amazing new open-source tools. Get in touch.

Our sibling non-profit is the Participatory Culture Foundation,
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PPF Blog

On Participatory Politics and Austerity Government

We founded PPF in 2004 with the instinct that tech could radically increase trust in the political process – the kind of trust & feedback loops just found lacking by British voters in the E.U. government.

Looking at Brexit, it seems to me British voters didn’t see the assurances of self-governance in representative democracy – some info sources for me have been initial analysis by journalist and left supporter Paul Mason. See also the E.U. critiques of the exciting Democracy In Europe Movement.┬áPaul Mason called on the left to lead (more than Labour or Tories) to “prioritise and attack the combined problems of low wages, in-work poverty and dead-beat towns.” Sound relevant, Trump & Sanders voters?

In the absence of continual civic engagement and deep civic equity, zero-sum political conflagrations can have long-lasting effects. Continue reading

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