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Announcing Kansas City Mayor James & Council Members Ford & Davis on AskThem

Sly_James_AskThem_closeupOur non-profit project is pleased to announce that Kansas City, MO Mayor Sly James has signed-up as a verified responder on AskThem.

Mayor James is our latest major-city elected official to agree to respond to popular public questions on AskThem, and has demonstrated his open-government bona fides by collaborating with Code For America & KC’s civic tech community. Read more about Mayor James‘ leadership and KC’s 465,000 city residents & nearly 2.5 million in municipal area.  “Public service starts with citizen engagement and I’m excited to join AskThem and give residents another outlet to communicate with me”, says Mayor Sly James.

Sly_James_AskThem_screengrabMayor James is joined by Kansas City Council Member Ed Ford, representing KC’s second district at large. “We’re excited to respond to popular questions from Kansas City residents on issues of interest to them,” says CM Ford. We’re grateful for his first official answer in response to a city infrastructure ask, click here to read the full Q+A. Ford’s answer is a great example of how local government officials can shed light on budget allocations for the public interest.

Representing KC’s first district, Council Member Dick Davis, has served as a lifelong public servant in his 23 year tenure as General Manager of Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.

Congratulations to Mayor James, CM Ford, and CM Davis for demonstrating their responsiveness to KC residents – we look forward to supporting your online dialogue with constituents. Mayor James in the second U.S. city mayor on AskThem, after Austin’s Lee Leffingwell – but given his well-regarded responsiveness, Mayor James may become our most-active question responder!

In fact, David with AskThem attended a Code For America summit last Fall in S.F. where Mayor James addressed the attendees (video on YouTube), terrific #opengov knowledge-sharing. We hope to have more Kansas City council members join them.

On AskThem, you can ask questions to everyone who represents you in Missouri.

KC_Council_AskThemSign-on to these popular questions and we’ll deliver them for a public response:

Sign-on to more questions from people in Missouri that you’d like to see answered. And ask your own- for example, to Governor Jay Nixon , about his executive order allowing same-sex couples to file joint tax returns.

Ed_Ford_screengrabCheck our national map to find any elected official by state – for example, Missouri’s 163 U.S. representatives . You can also ask your own question to any elected official in Missouri or any verified Twitter account.

Encourage your MO local elected officials to sign up to respond to questions on AskThem – it’s free, non-profit, and open to everyone.

We’re happy to help you raise your issues in Missouri and get a public response to your questions. Email us anytime with questions or feedback: maryam@askthem.io. Sign & share your questions for greater public conversation with the people who represent you!

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