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Ask Mayor Bill de Blasio Anything, Ahead of Friday’s Hangout

Ask a Question to Mayor de Blasio

Now that NYC Mayor de Blasio is in review for his early days in office, what city-wide issues are most important to you?

In advance of de Blasio’s Google Hangout session on Friday, April, 11th, help us gather support for trending AskThem questions and we’ll push for a response!

Sign-on and share your favorite ones tackling hot-button local issues – including :

          • the Vision Zero plan,
          • new agency appointments
          • charter school co-locations
          • early childhood education (UPKNYC)

We’ll submit popular user questions to de Blasio during his Hangout session with the hopes of hearing back!

Click here to ask your own and browse other asks to Mayor de Blasio:


Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.39.21 PM

Here’s a rundown of recent questions asked by our users:

Whether you’re in NYC or anywhere else, find everyone who represents you by entering your residential street address on our homepage, or ask your own question. Let us know what you asked and we’ll feature it on our blog & social media! Email maryam at askthem.io, or Tweet at us, @AskThemPPF.

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