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Ask Questions to 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates

Huckabee_AskThemFire up the question machine. It’s 2016 elections time, which means it’s AskThem time. Next debate Tuesday Nov. 10th in Milwaukee, #GOPdebates appears to be the hashtags on micropublishing. (Ask questions to all the Democratic candidates too, linked handily from this post.)

Ask good questions to the Presidential candidates and we’ll deliver them over Twitter for an official response. We’re working to reinforce the expectation that candidates will regularly respond to questions from the Internet public – and that major media will raise them in every debate.

In my next post I’ll gather links to the Democratic candidates. But now, starting with GOP debate participants, in random order (not strictly by polling or last name) – click the button on their profile pages to “ask this person a question”, publish your question, and we’ll help promote it:


… and candidates other than the ten included in tomorrow’s debate:

(Gov. James Gilmore is not currently Twitter-verified, so not able to ask questions yet through AskThem website, but we have a new tool for that coming shortly.)

Crowdsource good questions on the issues you care about – we’ll also promote them with media partners to amplify your priority asks. By the way, we have new Javascript widgets to test that enable anyone to ask a question from any webpage – so media and issue-group partners, just drop me a line to check them out, I’m david at ppolitics dot org on email, Skype handle davidmooreppf.

We’ll continually post updates on delivered questions, answered questions, and questions from our partner organizations during the Presidential election – in fact, during all major elections in 2015 & 2016. If you’d like to volunteer to help curate questions from AskThem, we’d welcome your help on our non-profit, non-partisan platform – for more info, email david at ppolitics.org, @ppolitics & @askthemPPF on Twttr, AskThem Page on FB.

Charitable funders & philanthropists, we’d love to share our unique value in how AskThem can productively raise public questions for an official response – help us un through the 2016 elections. Issue groups, AskThem can promote a question campaign to all candidates on your issues, get in touch, we’re easy to reach & eager to chat.

More questions to come, including for the Dems. Ask away – about a year before polling suggests it becomes meaningful (fivethirtyeight), it’s worth noting, but still, the media cycle is up and running. More suggestions of questions to come, e.g. on Internet freedom issues from our sibling non-profit Fight For the Future or public-financing reforms such as #DebateQuestionsWeWantToHear from MayDay’s Prof. Zephyr Teachout. Questions & feedback welcome.

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9 Responses to Ask Questions to 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates

  1. Heaven says:

    I want to know if any of our candidates care about the poor at all? I hear them talk about the middle class all the time. The lower class takes up a good portion of our citizens. More mite vote if someone actually seemed to care. “So you have plans to help the middle class?” That’s great but I’m not in that category. If I’m going to vote for you I want to know that you’re going to care about people like myself.

  2. Wendy Shaffer says:

    What are you learning from each other as candidates for President? What are you learning from the polls?
    Scenario: You are now President. You have to pick four other candidates to govern with you. Who would you pick?

  3. Bridgette A Morrow says:

    What is your long term plans for the environment and what incentives will you give if families can go eco-friendly?

  4. Duane says:

    I am a US born citizen, who has trained for a doctor of medicine degree in the United States. It has been 5 years since graduating medical school and passing my licensing exams and I still have not obtained a medical residency. I notice each year that more and more positions are given to foreigners (from India, Pakistan, and Latin countries). Can this trend ever change? Can I an American citizen who understands our culture get a residency? Will I ever have any chance of paying off my student loans?

  5. Gary Rasmussen says:

    My comment is about politician attacking each other. I hate it when all these politician attack each other and not stay on course for what we need to do to keep this country safe and the #1 country in the world. Instead they like to put each other down, who cares on what they do in there public life, it is what are you going to do when your running this country.

  6. Lorena Rivera says:

    I want to know what Presidential candidates plan to do about employment. Companies throughout the United States are no longer hiring permanent employees, and instead using temporary employees in order to cut their insurance costs and save themselves money on offering benefits (i.e. 401k, pensions). Americans are suffering. Looking for a job is down right difficult. Most jobs are listed through temporary agencies who make a profit off contractors/temps, who are paid less than they would be paid if hired directly by the company doing the contracting of the temp. How do they plan to change this issue that Americans are facing. Americans deserve stability, security, and permanency.

  7. Ava Markey says:

    Our national debt interest is 2.43%. Student Loan interest STARTS at around 4% and goes as high as 7%. Why are we expecting our students, those just starting off and learning about financials, to pay at a rate so much higher than our nation does? It is shocking that someone wins the billion dollar lottery and their first thought is student loans. What are you going to do to help the growing cost of tuition and our nations graduated students (our future) to have more reasonable repayment options?

  8. Lisa says:

    Everyone talks about affordable care act. How about people that have insurance through company. How can we get lower preminiums for those people and the companies?

  9. Chad Landin says:

    What are your plans to help reduce the cost of electricity for the average household? Our rates have nearly doubled since we installed geo-thermal in 2006. We live in north west Ohio & are on AEP.

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