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Participatory Budgeting for AskThem

“How will you spend $14M?”

We’re pleased to announce our official campaign for Participatory Budgeting in New York City! We’ve worked closely with the Participatory Budgeting Project of New York and the grass-roots organizing group, Community Voices Heard, to build awareness for the budgeting process, encourage district adoption, and increase the diversity of participants.

Currently, 22 NYC Council Districts practice Participatory Budgeting to directly decide how to allocate $14 million of taxpayer money. After the recent success of local Participatory Budgeting elections, ask your reps. follow the lead of participating Council Members- including Ben KallosBrad Lander, Melissa-Mark Viverito, and Jumaane D. Williams, among others…

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We’re calling for mass-cooperation between influential NYC government officials and departments to expand and sustain participatory budgeting efforts across all borough districts. Support and share asks to Mayor de Blasio, Borough Presidents, city offices & agencies, and over 50 local Council Members to sustain the collaborative local budgeting program.

Many thanks to Christopher King and Luis Cerda of CVH for highlighting the power of PB to represent the needs of underserved new yorkers- including at-risk youth, disenfranchised individuals, and low-income families.

Be sure to incorporate these trending hashtags when sharing your questions: #PBNYC-CYCLE4 #COMMUNITYVOICESHEARD #URBANJUSTICE

This issue has picked up great momentum on AskThem- look below for a slew of recent user questions asking for their district to participate. Find out when your district will get involved!

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To Council Member Mathieu Eugene:
“At least 10 districts in NYC participate in the project. Why not ours?”

To Council Member Laurie Cumbo:
-“I am very interested in the participatory budgeting process and would like to know where Council Member Cumbo stands on involving the district in future efforts. “

To Council Member Andrew Cohen:
“I wanted to confirm that you will be participating in the participatory budgeting?”

To Council Member Robert Cornegy:
-“How come we don’t have participatory budgeting in our district?”

-“It’s time to bring Participatory Budgeting to Bed-Stuy…”

To Council Member Helen Rosenthal:
-“I came across this great democratic website- PBNYC- Any interest?”

To Council Member Inez Dickens:
-“Other districts have engaged in participatory budgeting processes, which are the most democratic way to determine budget priorities for the community. ”

To Council Member Mark Levine:
-“Does District #7 participate in PBNYC? If so, how and when can we get involved?”

-“Please Implement Participatory Budgeting in your district.”

To Council Member Costa Constantinides:
-“There are a lot of people here in the 22nd District that would love to take part in the democratic process by providing insight into how capital discretionary funds are budgeted into the district”

To Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez:
-“When will District 10 start participation in the Participatory Budgeting in New York?

To Council Member Alan Maisel:
-“As a member of your district, I would like to know if we are participating in PBNYC?”

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