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Civil Rights Question Delivered to Alaskan Governor

Exciting update: a popular civil rights question on AskThem by user Amber Reed exceeded threshold with over 290 votes in less than a week!

Here’s her question advocating for justice in the complex Fairbanks Four Case.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.49.43 AM

AskThem question surfacing an important community issue

It rocketed to nearly 300 signatures, very quickly – clearly, there is a strong public demand for information about this situation. Alaska elected officials, please take note.

Amber Reed says, “I just want to impress upon our Governor that the support received from his constituents demands a response. Obviously this case has many in Alaska from both sides of the case torn, in turmoil and we deserve to know where he stands.”

Many thanks to Amber for surfacing her important issue on AskThem and to all those who signed on in support of her question to Governor Parnell.

Today we’ll be delivering the question to Governor Parnell to push for a public response. You can still help to get the word out on this issue by sharing the link above on Twitter and Facebook.

Follow us at @AskThemPFF to retweet our delivery message to follow along with the conversation. When promoting the question, please join your fellow community of AskThem users by using #AskParnell and @AKGovParnell.

Visit AskThem.io to gain traction for your own question to Governor Parnell, the Justice Department, or your local representatives on other social justice issues.

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