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    • General questions, partnership inquiries, or media requests: David Moore, Executive Director: david at{ttt} readsludge doooot com.

Donors and Charitable Foundations – Fund Our Work

AskThem & OpenCongress are leading example of how open technology can educate the public, empower diverse communities, and create transparency in government. We have a good start, but really, we’ve just begun. The Participatory Politics Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is actively seeking funding partners for the maintenance and development of OpenCongress, OpenGovernment, and other free and open-source public web resources. Currently, our tools are used by a variety of individuals, political bloggers, journalists, and issue-based groups for collaborative watchdogging of Congress. With additional funding, OpenCongress and OpenGovernment can become far more powerful platforms for political participation, both online and offline. We seek to add new data sources about money in politics, build innovative new open-source web features, and expand our non-profit web development team to better meet the needs of our large user community. We have big plans.

Towards these ends, we simply need more resources to start building. Are you in a position to give $1,000 or more to help us create some amazing new open-source tools? To start a conversation about how our work can address your personal giving interests or your foundation’s program areas, please get in touch with David Moore, Executive Director: david {att} …

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Building the Open Web

PPF strongly prefers free software, but as you can see, we maintain some outposts in closed, proprietary, commercial corners of the Web too. We look forward to a medium-term future where all the technology we use in our daily lives is free, open-source, open standards, and supports the public good. (This has been articulated before in deeper ways, but the open Web is itself a complete social network, if we build it together instead of falling into short-term traps of using proprietary services that don’t place an equal value on openness.) Our mailing address is in NYC, but to be clear, PPF is a web-based organization.